Mush: A unique puzzle platformer for the Windows Phone 7 (old footage).

Role: Project Lead, Art, Design, Animation

With The Dust: A short, atmospheric game about an isolated girl and her kite.

Role: Art, Design, Animation, Scripting, Audio

Q.U.B.E: A first-person puzzle game set in a sterile environment.

Role: 2D Art, GUI, Web

Web Design: A small selection of the design I have done for web.


Logo, website and interface for the innovative tutorial authoring web application.

Trinity Interactive

Speculative website design for Trinity Interactive, a social marketing agency.


Website design for DroneMe, a photo filtering website that sorts by trends


Speculative website design of VOX, a quirky language training agency.

Henry Hoffman Personal Blog

Logo, website, copyrighting and content management integration for my personal blog.


Website, logo, illustration and design for the BAFTA-winning game Mush


I'm currently open to employment opportunities, so feel free to get in touch at info@henryhoffman.com